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Join us at SGFC where we practice expository preaching and family integrated worship.

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Sovereign Grace Academy

Friendly and affordable theological training.

SGFC Catechism Club

A fun and educational club that teaches core doctrines, beliefs and practices for our younger members.

Bible Studies

Establishing sound hermeneutics, regular Scripture reading, and a passion for the word of God.

Karate Club

Learn key martial arts skills in a safe and relaxed environment.
"I don't need permission from the government to worship or to gather with the others to do the same. I already have this command from God, and that alone is all the permit I require. If the governing authorities choose to punish me for doing so, I will receive it for His glory. But I will not beg Caesar for permission to worship Christ."
Keith Foskey

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  • 13773 N. Main St
    Jacksonville FL
  • Sunday 9:30am Sunday School
    Sunday 10:30am Worship
  • (904) 757-1800

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At Sovereign Grace Family Church, we are committed to expository preaching and family-integrated worship, emphasizing the centrality of God's sovereignty in all aspects of life.

Join us as we grow together in faith, guided by the Gospel and strengthened by our community.

SGFC is a member of the Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals: a unifying network for independent Reformed (and Reforming) baptistic churches to experience mutual edification, fellowship, cooperation and prayerful support in ministries and missions.

Church Address
  • 13773 N. Main St
    Jacksonville FL
  • Sunday 9:30am Sunday School
    Sunday 10:30am Worship
  • (904) 757-1800
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